Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Work Space

Okay, so this is where I work. Yeah, how cool is that? I have a window seat, a rolling globe, a ladder, a fireplace, and my beautiful cherry shelves are labeled with bronze engraved labels.

I saved for 20 years, knowing that someday, I would have the library of my dreams, and here it is. It is such a great spot with a wonderful energy. It is important for writers to have a place to go not just to write and think, but a place where all of their books are in one place.

Lucky me, huh?

It's not about's about planning...and saving... and believing. I schlepped a dozen boxes of leatherbound books with me from house-to-house, life-to-life, knowing that I would someday make a home for them.

And here they are.

And here I am.

Lesson Number 1: You gotta BELIEVE!
Come back for more lessons...or to offer some words of wisdom of your own.

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