Sunday, December 2, 2007

Podcast of Across Time

Want to hear a BRIEF synopsis about Across Time?

Say no more...

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kimber said...

While reading/writing I never took note of transition sentences, you have taught me and made it so easy to create a story and even just a boring paper flow.

My new landlords and neighbors are all lesbian undercover cops. If I get the courage, im going to get some of your books for them.

Thanks for your time and making the past 11 weeks exciting and adventurous, while teaching us how to write.


LindaKay said...

I'm sorry to see you leaving LB. I hope you continue your education in Portland.

As for the courage needed! Just comer to my web site and order from there!

Now kick some ass on the final!

Will Beatty said...

After my junior year in high school i never thought it would be possible to not hate writing. you made writing fun again for me. you taught the simple little tricks that make huge differences between a crappy "last soda" story and an excellent paper. Your class was fun and i know you're going to think i'm lying but, i actually looked forward to hearing what crazy good things you were going to teach in class. i'm not saying your class was easy but, it was nice writing on subjects that were interesting and not like other teacher that are like 'hey, write about something really boring and pointless.'

Will Beatty said...

oh yeah, your halloween costume was sick i it totally caught me off guard.

LindaKay said...


Apparently, I didn't teach you about capitalization!

And...are you saying I'm crazy?


Perhaps a little, eh?

peter said...

You've really helped me express my self through my writing. my writing was very formal and VERY BORING before I took your class. You helped me find my voice and made every second of class fun!

Although we never got to write any haikus, I still had a lot of fun this term! hahaha, I had a great and might have even learned something? It escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure I'll remember.... Just kidding! You improved my transitions by 500% and made me realize the importance of a clever title.

Thank you for everything that you've done for me as a writer. You are defiantly my favorite teacher at LB! I hope you had as much fun teaching the class as we did taking it!