Thursday, December 6, 2007

So I went to a faculty Christmas party. This one was better than most...perhaps it was because my people were there. It is always good to be surrounded by one's peeps...

Anyway, as I was answering "What are you doing for the holidays?" with my enviable answer of "Going to Mexico to write," I was naturally inundated with the same question...

"How do you find the time to write?"


I see the problem.

The problem lies in the verb...find.

When you find ten dollars in a jacket pocket, it's a fluke thing. It's lucky. There is no intention, no goal, no thought. Find is a weak word that means you stumbled upon a thing.

I find that amusing.

Do you want to stumble through life hoping you find the time to write or do you create the life you want?

You see, I don't find the time, I create it. Creating is a willful act; one that has an intention and a goal. It is a better verb than even make because to create something is akin to magic. and writing is, indeed, magical. Finding something has no magic, but creating something...ah...there's the zest in life. There's the beauty and joy. There, my friends, is true magic.

So, you have to ask yourself this:

Are you a finder

Or a creator?

And which one do you think has the better chance of getting his/her work published?

Life is all about perspectives and about what you put into the universe.

Lesson #4 If you want to write badly enough, you will create not only the time to do so, but the space as well.

It's all about choices.

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