Monday, December 3, 2007

Dec. 3rd, 2007

So, what's this page about? Adventure. The

photo below was taken in Honduras as

we cruised around in a mini speedboat.

Big fun!

The photo to the right was taken in

Thailand. That snake was really heavy!

Okay...lesson #1 was what? You gotta believe!

Is that trite? Is that sentimental? Is that too "The Secret" for you? Well, take a close look at this photo. I'm cruising around in a mini speedboat on one of my vacations. I am not a rich woman. I am not even wealthy. I am a teacher. I make very little money...but I know what is valuable and important to any writer and that is to LIVE WELL. To go out and experience life gives our writing layers and textures we can only dream about. To actually live those adventures brings a verisimilitude you don't find from people who don't actually LIVE!

Life is to be tasted, explored, touched, and caressed. It is filled with so many paths to so many wonderful adventures. Those adventures are at your fingertips if you want them badly enough.

This Christmas, I'll be in Mexico for a month. How much is it costing me? 1,300 for airfare and my hotel. And no, that is not a typo. I am a teacher. I make no money...but I DO find great deals. That was an Orbitz deal for 1300 air and hotel...four star, bay-bee! And why do I do this (other than to get out of the cold, grayness of Oregon?)

Because I am a writer...and that means I need to write. Not want to...NEED to. And to that end, I work to enable me to have the TIME to do it. What better way to get that done than to have nothing BUT time? In Mexico, I will have a clipboard by the pool, my fountain pen, and a book. I'll write for about 6 hours, taking breaks to eat, swim, and drink a marguerita. At night, I'll have dinner on the beach, I'll watch a show, go upstairs and write some more. I'll finish the evening by reading one of the many books I have set aside for this vacation. Then it's off to slumber land with a smile on my face.

So, if Lesson #1 was You have to believe...

Lesson #2 is Choose adventure. Choose to LIVE an enviable life. The more you experience, the richer your writing will become. There are choices and sacrifices I make in order to have these trips and this life. What are you willing to do to make it happen?

What are you waiting for?

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