Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It’s a week before Christmas and I’ve been taking pictures of all the fun Christmassy things (is that a word?) that I’ve seen here in Mexico. This guy, by far, is the coolest. On the Malecon there’s this team of sand castle builders who create the most incredible sand figures. This one is an eight foot guy we like to call Sandy Claus. How cool is that?
There is also a tradition here that the manager scenes remain without the baby Jesus until Christmas Eve…so…well…maybe you should pray for me, because I’ve been super sacrilegious. Since there’s no babe in the straw…I’ve taken photos of Little Linnie in the manger. Lol. I know…that’s TERRIBLE, but it cracks me up every time. Away in the manger, no crib big enough for Little Linnie’s fat butt…No? See, I’m still laughing.
So, my people dress anything up like Santa…the frog at Senor Frogs, the wooden guy in front of the cigar shop, sand. It doesn’t matter that it’s 90 degrees out here…It’s still Christmas Time!
So, I wanted to share that little Christmas Sandy Claus with you and start a little jingle that I can then give to the nice Mexican Sand Man. It starts like this…add this line and your own…and let’s create a fun little poem for the man who works so hard to bring joy to others on the beaches of Mexico:

On the beach, near the pier, stands a might y Sandy Claus…

Okay…it’s your turn…
Enjoy (pronounced down here, en-yoy)

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