Friday, December 14, 2007

Mexico #4

I've gotten so much done since we've been here, it's amazing. I don't know which I've enjoyed more...the creation of Killing Time or the revision of Time Flies.

The weather has been incredible. Each night, we get a light show sponsored by Nature, where the lightning reaches down like an eagle's claw and scratches across the ground. The sky is both blue and purple, depending on the light show. Incredible.

Here's what my days and nights look like.

We get up around 7:00 and go work out.

Coffee tea and a yummy little breakfast snack with chats at Starbucks, where I do my online universities and this blogging. There are usually five or six of us on our laptops in here.

Then it's out to sit out by the pool or on the beach and write until 1:00- ish. It's all Mexican time, here, mi amigos.

I'll take a short break to read...maybe for an hour or so...snack, chat, stretch, take a stroll down the beach. The afternoon is a good time for a siesta, but I seldom take one. I am having too much with book 5 of the Across Time series.

Back to writing until dinner.

Dinner...another 6 mile walk to old town to shop for silly things...or drink coffee on a sidewalk so we can people watch. The Malecon is the best place for people watching. It is getting busier the closer to Christmas it becomes. It's too weird to see snowmen and Santas in 89 degree weather.

Watch the sunset...always beautiful...always keeps its promise.

Find a place to eat where the natives are but the tourists aren't. We've had some great food while we've been here.
We head on to an Interent cafe to do more schoolwork, read email, get some news. Then we take a cab back...though we keep threatening to walk back, making the 12 mile journey in one day. We'll see!

At night, I am back on the laptop to work on the inputting the fourth in the series into the computer. Finally, I crack open a book and read until I can't keep my eyes open.

Last night, though, I was laying there thinking about titles...and I was wondering...what are some of the WORST titles?

I remember not wanting to go see that Jim Carrey movie about the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...or something like that. It was probably way over my head....but it made me think:

What are some of the WORST titles you've heard, and did the titles prevent you from reading the book?

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