Saturday, December 8, 2007

While life in Mexico is grand, and I am getting a lot done, there are things that need to happen in order to get ready for the book launch.

Book launch? You ask.

Yes, Book launch. It is an event. It is no longer a publishing party, but an event. I used to have book signing parties, and those were outrageously fun! Having everyone who loves you at one gathering is truly magnificent.

But times have changed, and so has the terminology.

It's a book launch.

We want to make it into something that EVERYONE wishes they were invited to! To that end, we will have to kick it off shortly after the book is published, but I do not have a definite due date yet. That's the tricky part about publishing...setbacks happen all the time, and nothing ever happens when it is supposed to, so you just have to roll with the punches. Right now, I am rolling with the waves on the beach. When I mentioned recharging, I should have been clearer. Recharging is about giving your spirit both what it needs as well as what it doesn't need, but wants. Mine wants sun, quiet walks down a cobblestone street, and a marguerita at lunch with one dollar shrimp tacos from a stand on the beach.

Mine wants night time thunderstorms that I watch from our balcony overlooking the ocean. It wants to sit and watch shows every night, dance until dawn, and whisper to the muses as I make my way back home.

Remember when I said (more than once) that it's all about choices? It is.

So...what do YOU do to replenish and recharge? Do you CHOOSE the things that make your heart sing and your muse dance or do you wait around hoping it dances on her own?


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