Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So you saw my library. Nice, huh?

So, what do I do in there?

Well, after I finish the rough draft by hand (which I usually start at some exotic location like...well let's see...I wrote Tory's Tuesday in 2 week on the beautiful Greel island of San Torrini. I wrote the first Across Time in Puerto Vallarta. I wrote one the paranormal novels in Thailand, and the last two Storm novels in the rainforest of Costa Rica), then it's library time. On my desk sits two laptops...a regular 15.4 inch that is connected to my Jumbotron 24 inch monitor. Since I do so much online teaching and writing, I decided to be good to my eyes and get a monitor that spoke to me. I'm pretty sure it lights up the entire neighborhood. Maybe that's why all those giant moths have crashed and burned into my window.

Ya think?

Along with that, I have my mini...a cute little 3 pound 12 inch monitor that I recently purchased so I can travel and not lose functionality. If you're looking for a handy little no name brand that packs a punch, try Everex. It even comes with an extra battery all for about 500.00.

Anyway, with multiple screens open, I am usually writing, grading papers, or, like now, watching one of my many Netflix movies (This one is a horror flick called Captivity).

So, my rewrite process begins when I transcribe the first draft onto the computer. After that, I let it sit for a week or two before going back in for further revising. (boy, this movie is REALLY scary!)

I write every one way or another. And by writing, I mean, sometimes that's reading, sometimes it's research, and sometimes, it's the actual writing. It depends on how you define writing, I guess.

Any writers out there want to share your own definitions of writing?

Happy Birthday, Chloe :)

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