Monday, December 10, 2007

So, I’ve been walking into town…it takes about an hour and a half to get to my favorite shrimp taco shack…and along the way, I’ve been seeing some great things I HAVE to write about someday. First of all, let’s talk about the Mexican manger scenes. OMG. I’ve never laughed so hard as when I stumbled upon a blow up manger scene. You know the kind. They’re normally huge Santas or snowmen, only giant blown up camels, wisemen, and crew. It was tacky at its finest. Then there was the flip side, which is down on the Malecon. There’s a sand sculpture team working down there, and they did the most incredible sculpture of the manger scene. I mean, it was brilliant. So, I have taken photos of all the weird scenes for a scrapbook layout of them. Someday, I am going to have to use them all in a scene for one of my books. Too funny.
I think that’s one of the best side effects of travelling; you see so many things outside your normal range of sights. So far, I’ve seen three legless people, a one-armed woman, and a pair of midget twins. I know, I know, they like to be called little people. I prefer dwarf. I’ve always liked the word and I’m not much into political correctness in any form. What’s wrong with that word? The genetic issue isn’t called little people-ism. It’s dwarfism, right? I’m not making that up. I can understand not wanting to be called midget but dwarf? It’s a fairly nice word. But I digress. I’ve also seen a ton of transvestites. (They are still called that, right? Or are they cross-dressers now? Sheesh. Who can keep up?). There’s a huge gay male population down here, and you can hear their little gay voices everywhere. Oh come on! Don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed that voice. It’s ubiquitous wherever you find a pod of them. (Okay, so maybe gay guys don’t travel in pods, but I think I’ll try to start a trend with that word. Hell, some moron started that idiot word ginormous, which made it into Webster’s last year. Boy do I digress. J
So, what about writing? I am preparing for the virtual book tour (you’re all invited) and I’ve been filling out these interviews for blogs. They have some interesting questions on them. One of which asks about the advice I would give other writers. Stay tuned for that advice tomorrow. Right now, there’s a pod of transvestite dwarves enacting a manger scene and I need to get a photo!

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